Mary Ann Crum

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   I'm Mary Ann Crum and I'm glad you stopped by for a visit. 
   I'm a Christian, wife, mom, grandmother, friend, and a writer. Well, okay, I don't know--that last title sounds a bit pretentious. Maybe I better let you decide if I can officially call myself a writer or not. But I like to write, and I try to write. I do try. 
   I write about what I know, and about what I love. Mostly I write about God and what He teaches me about Himself and His ways through the most ordinary things, often when I least expect it. 
   Back in 2001, I started wriring a  column for our local paper, theGreenwood (S.C.) Index-Journal, and to my amazement, they're still letting me write it. This website contains an archive of those columns.
   So, thanks for being here. I hope you take a few minutes to read, enjoy and maybe even leave encouraged and blessed. 
   And if what you read makes you want to read a bit more, please check out my second book, "Live. Learn. LAUGH!" available on Amazon here.
   You might also be interested in a blog I'm writing (albeit sporadically) as I journey through the Bible, chapter-by-chapter, searching for what I discover about the heart of God.